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>> planes, trains and life at a virtual stand still as folks brace for a blizzard tonight. and it is picking up this hour. i'm brooke baldwin. special coverage begins right now. it is not just snow. the storm surge threatening the northeast could hit historic levels. and -- >> he's told us what he intends to do and so far he's done it. >> -- the urgent manhunt for an ex-cop trained for war. and investigators say christopher dorner won't stop until he gets more blood. here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. let's talk about this blizzard. it is about to bear its teeth. want to plunge right in. chad myers with me in the weather center. give me the bottom line. >> it looks like we have arms or the outer bands of a hurricane approaching new york city. not a hurricane, but we will
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have hurricane winds with this coming up, brooke. >> i'm coming back to you. we'll talk about the dense northeast, tens of millions of people, many of whom lived through sandy. first, the good news. skiers who planned trips right before the valentine's day weekend here, those folks, you called it right. as we look at these pictures from maine, do keep in mind those winds are going to whip. and before this thing is over, you will have zero visibility, snow blowing sideways, deep, deep drifts, that sort of thing. want to talk about boston. look at this. this is -- you can't see it, it is fenway park. you'll recognize fenway if there wasn't snow and ice on the lens of this camera. snow started there right around 9:30 this morning. and we're hearing boston could break its all time snow record. the all time record set in either 1978 in that deadly winter storm, blamed for dozens of deaths, or more recently in
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2003. take your pick. 27 inches each time. boston, right now, is under a snow emergency. no on street parking. schools are closed. public transit, that goes down, in less than 90 minutes. cnn's susan candiotti made her way to boston, the flurries are flying. susan, i see you, hang on. i want to go first to alison kosik in new york. alison, we remember the disastrous situation you had, two winters ago in new york, the great big city essentially shut down. is that the type of scenario, alison, we're looking at here? is that the fear today, right now, in new york? >> reporter: people are talking about that. that monster storm of 2010, back in december. that was a biggie. that was when 20 inches fell in new york city. the big problem with that one, though, is new york city wasn't prepared for it. even the mayor back then said they didn't react as they should because they didn't get the
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plows out ahead of time, they didn't warn the public ahead of time. this is a very different story because, yeah, we are expecting to get anywhere from 8 to 14 inches, something to to sneeze at, but new york city is preparing. they have 250 tons of salt ready to go. hundreds of plows ready to go. they have got sanitation workers working around the clock. they are on this. they're on this much differently than they were back in 2010, brooke. >> we can see the guy going back and forth, back and forth behind you, trying to keep the sidewalks cleared as we speak. >> reporter: yeah, i like that one. >> we did hear from mayor michael bloomberg, he finished briefing the media. here is some common sense advice from mayor bloomberg. take a listen. >> if you have a tree come down, and a power line is down, don't go near it, don't touch it. pick up the phone, call 311 and they'll tell you what to do and we'll get a professional crew there to remove it. >> so that sounds like some solid advice. alison kosik, what else is this city telling its 8 million
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people? >> reporter: i think i heard mayor bloomberg say tonight's the night to go home, cook a meal, read a book, stay in. that is the thing to do. don't let this lull fool you. the snow is coming down. the wind is starting up. you see this guy here, he's been shoveling this sidewalk all day. it is getting slushy, slippery. don't let that fool you. because the real stuff, the real snow is coming around 7:00. that's when you're going to see the blizzard conditions begin here in new york city, brooke. >> quickly, alison, before i let you go, chad wants to know, was it raining in new york in last hour? >> reporter: it is not -- you know what it is, it is kind of hailing. this heavy, wet kind of pelting kind of snow coming down. it is accumulating, though, out on the streets. >> okay, alison kosik, thank you. we'll come back to you. keep in mind, i've got boston standing by. first, to chad myers. and, chad, just walk me through, you know, what will happen in new york and in new england over the next, let's say 18 hours for now. >> this is the warmest part of the day. this is when it should be a
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rain/snow mix. the fact that she has what's called underdeveloped snow, little pellets the size of -- remember those beans used to be in a beanbag chair, about what is coming down, about the same weight too. but because that's piling up, that means that from central park north, your snow totals will be that 8 to 14. you will get that, especially north of the city, into westchester county for sure. if you're from lower manhattan, south toward the amways and even into northern new jersey, you may actually see -- central new jersey, you may see only 4 to 6 because that's where the rain is now mixing in. you can see it is raining here all the way up and down into atlantic city. but that snow line, that's the most important part for new york city, where does the snow finally change back over and when does it change back over? right through patterson, newark, that looks like wayne and wyckoff, higher elevations, palisades, all snow. all snow up to hartford, waterbury this is all going to be snow all day.
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you're never going to change over to rain here. the snow is going to pile up, going to be 20 inches all the way through here and the same story as we get into boston. it is going to be as we pan across to boston, you'll never get the break that you need to reduce your snow amounts. the snow amounts will be coming in, the wind coming off the ocean, going to be piling up a lot of water through here, big splashing waves in boston harbor. but the snow comes in, and i can easily see that record-breaking near 30 inch snowfall from boston all the way down to providence, right through here. >> easily breaking, i hear. >> yeah. when a storm gets out here, that's where the low will be out here, that pouring wind is just going to pour snow. almost going to be like ocean effect snow. you've heard of lake-effect snow in buffalo. oceans can do the same thing. oceans give up steam, give up moisture, and that snow just gets pounded on land and for hours and hours, i mean, i could easily see -- i'm not kidding you, there will be some spot out there, some co-op observer in some town, could be cambridge, could be lowell, i don't know
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yet, but some number at 40 inches with this storm. >> incredible. chad, stand by. join me if you like. here are pictures in boston. julian, you got me? >> i got you. >> so here's the deal, just quickly, tell everyone, the governor of massachusetts, duvall patrick, he signed this executive order, you and the cars we see, they have to be off the road by 4:00 p.m. today. that said, how is it going? >> people are on the roads still, but it is thinning out. we were just driving along the green line of -- and there was people lining up, trying to get that last train, but it is starting to pick up here, no question about it. first couple of hours it was not really sticking, but it is getting slippery out here pretty fast. >> so you get the sense, though, that people are heeding the warnings to get off the roads. >> yeah, i think people -- it is
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thinning out, traffic is slowly slowing down. a lot of people walking around, but we have seen some wind gusts already, people blown around a little bit. i think people should listen to the governor and get off the street. >> i see the plow in your picture. boston, the hardy new englanders is how the mayor there of boston put it earlier. he said, you know, we're ready, we'll talk to the mayor in a little bit. julian, drive safely, we'll check back in with you here momentarily as we keep looking at some of your pictures here of boston. and, you know, this coming storm, we have to talk travel. this storm here already battering travel schedules, itineraries. more than 3500 flights have been canceled across the country, just in anticipation here of this massive storm. amtrak also limiting its train schedule in the northeast corridor. so this is basically between washington, d.c. and the new england area. so heads up if you're thinking you were taking a train. i want to stay with boston here, as we mentioned, all time snow
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record could fall. chad mentioning maybe one area could see as much as 40 inches. today the governor of massachusetts, as i mentioned, banning vehicle traffic starting at 4:00. you got to get off the roads. here she is. susan candiotti, brafg the eleme elements for us this afternoon. as we talk about driving, this is this executive order, governor patrick signed this is for the entire state, correct? >> reporter: he is not fooling around. if you read on what he's saying is if they stop you on the road, after 4:00 this afternoon, you will be punished facing up to a year in jail on top of fines. up to a year in jail on top of fines. so they mean business here in massachusetts. unlike the blizzard of 1978, when people recalling for us they didn't have much warning, people have been warned this time. the news has been flooding the airwaves for a few days now and
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people know that they should have been buying provisions and should have been gassing up their cars and staying -- ready to stay at home now. so occasionally we're still seeing cars passing on that road behind us, but for the most part, it has been like a ghost town in terms of traffic, of course, in downtown boston. that's quincy market. you'll recognize that. perhaps a lot of you have been to boston before. and faneuil hall is in that area as well. aside from people occasionally walking about, because they're still able to at this hour, you're not seeing very much action out here. few people walking their dogs and many people telling us that they have stocked up and they are ready to go and others telling us, well, sometime we didn't buy that much, so -- but we have enough, we think we'll be able to get through. the stores are closing now, brooke. so it may be too late. and, really isn't smart to go out. >> time to hunker down, certainly. we're looking at live pictures,
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thank you, julian cummings of our crew there, driving around boston, giving you a better idea of the road conditions and just a reminder, you have to be off the streets according to the governor in two hours from now. quickly, susan, you've been standing in the snow, we thank you for it, how much has begun to accumulate, what kind of snow is it? >> reporter: you know, chad described it very aptly, like little pellets. and having covered a gazillion hurricanes by now, this is like that, when the water is coming at you, except obviously it is heavier. and it is a heck of a lot colder too as you can imagine. but it is sticking. if you pick up a handful of it, it is a wet snow. and it is accumulating. it is really more or less a dusting, less than an inch at this point. but certainly it is accumulating. >> okay. susan candiotti, be safe. we'll come back to you as well. a quick reminder to all of you, we'll be talking about the blizzard all through the evening. in fact, i hope you join me. i'll be anchoring special live coverage as the peak of this blizzard hits the northeast
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starting at midnight tonight. i will be up, with you, all the way through 5:00 a.m. eastern time right here on cnn. meantime, the manhunt for an ex-cop accused of murder covering a huge swath from california into nevada, even into arizona. but today, it's concentrated in california's big bear lake region where this truck, this dark gray nissan truck, belonging to christopher dorner, was found in this remote area just about -- here it is -- -- just about 100 miles east of los angeles. it was set on fire. dorner, meanwhile, nowhere to be found. time is of the essence for scores of police who spent all night long searching the area's mountains. keep in mind, as we talk snow in the east coast, the snow is in the west coast as well. big winter storm moving in here in big bear. snow is falling. s.w.a.t. teams are fanning out to search for this guy who used to be one of their own.
2:13 pm
now accused of killing three people in a vendetta for what he says was his unjust firing from the los angeles police department. but they admit, they could be searching for a ghost. >> there has been time to get out of here, but we're not sure if he has in fact left. there is a number of places up on the mountain that we haven't got to yet that we're continuing to search. >> cnn's paul vercammen is in big bear. he has been digging on the search here for christopher dorner. and i want to bring in miguel marquez because, from what i understand, paul vercammen in the midst of the snow, is stuck. we'll come back to paul. miguel, i know you're outside a police station in hollywood. where does the whole thing stand right now? >> reporter: fear is pervasive throughout all of southern california. the place is on lockdown, i can tell you. minutes ago there was a lockdown put on the la county detention center in downtown los angeles. a lockdown on a jail facility,
2:14 pm
somebody thought they saw mr. dorner outside the facility, the whole facility went on lockdown, they'll hold a press conference to tell us what was going on down there. we're in hollywood, at a police station here. this place is on lockdown. street is shut off. police cars on either side. this station was mentioned in that 11-page rant, that manifesto that mr. dorner put out on thursday, that we got on thursday. but substations, stations, even the headquarters for los angeles police department, extra security today across everywhere. thousands of police fanning out not only in big bear, but along roads and anywhere where there might be a sighting of mr. dorner, to check cars, shut down roads, go house to house, see if anyone has seen anything. it is an unbelievable situation out here. it started on sunday when he killed a young woman and her fiance. the young woman was the daughter of a police official mentioned in that manifesto. he was going to target not only police, but their families. he talked about targeting asian
2:15 pm
cops, hispanic cops, black cops, lesbian cops. the guy basically said everyone is a target. he then went and shot a police officer -- at police officers in corona, california in torrence, california, the truck found in big bear. it is not very clear he's in big bear, though. a lost poli a lot of police officials say they don't really know, if he's gone on the lam, if he left the area. he seems to know a lot of the tactics there. brooke? >> miguel marquez, thank you for us in hollywood. paul vercammen is working the story for us in the snow in big bear. >> reporter: they're going in and around on snow cats. they have gone door to door, they hit at least 400 homes or so they said last night. they warned the people in this area not to open their doors unless they know who is knocking or unless it is a uniformed law enforcement officer. now, let me tell you a little bit about the snow and the conditions. in one way, it hinders the
2:16 pm
search, but if you look behind me, they expect 6 to 8 inches of snow today. one thing that could help them, i was talking off camera to a member of the search party, and he said the freshness of the snow could help because that way they could easily detect the tracks. >> paul vercammen there at big bear. we'll talk more about this manhunt under way. talk to a former s.w.a.t. -- member of the s.w.a.t. team in l.a. that can walk us through the mind set of the officers as they're looking for him. meantime, don lemon joins me live with a different angle on this whole story. one that he's been hearing on urban radio, talking racism and police. plus, continuing coverage of this monster blizzard, thousands of flights canceled, roads becoming dangerous, we are all over it. r 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained)
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. 40 million people in the path of this incoming storm. these are live pictures of boston. just about an inch or so accumulating right now. the pictures looks like more than that. that will change in a matter of hours. chad myers talking that this could be record-breaking that there is even a possibility that in parts of new england they could see 40 inches of snow. so we're talking snow, we're
2:20 pm
talking wind, maybe coastal flooding here, in just a moment. but we have to get back to the story out of southern california. they're looking for this basically accused cop killer, authorities are trying to hunt down this former police officer, accused of targeting police officers. there is a different conversation across urban radio today about racism and about police. and don lemon, you were on the air, what, this morning. >> stumbled upon it on the air, i do radio hits. >> weekly radio hits. >> you do the same thing. >> yes. and so on this show -- >> yeah. >> what are people saying? >> let me preface this by saying it is not just on the radio. it is online. go to, i'll tell all the viewers, go to, look at the viewer comments. go to the "l.a. times," look at the viewer comments. one of the comments i saw, there are facebook pages, we are all chris dorner, a facebook page. one of the common threads, i read the manifesto.
2:21 pm
this is not a crazy man. he is quite sane. people need to read and think. don't be reactionary like a sheep. read what he wrote. look at the details. process some of it. be discerning instead of reacting. i have a lot of questions about the lapd. so -- >> take us back to what he wrote. >> right. he says when -- what started him -- the process of losing his job is when he said -- he agreed that he did see his partner or a member of the l.a. police department kicking a suspect. and so he said he, i guess, betrayed the blue wall of silence by doing that. and that started the process of him losing his job and so this all happened, as part of the reason to clear his name and get back -- which is an odd reason. but let me just also preface this by saying, this conversation we're having is about what happened before the violence. anything that happened after the violence and the murders, the violence -- nothing -- there is no condoning that, no justification for that.
2:22 pm
but there are people, especially minorities, urban radio, african-americans and hispanics, this story shows that now, just like the o.j. simpson story, just like the rodney king story, that people -- there is a distinct difference in this country, the way people view race, the way people view news stories, the way we filter things, because there are people who support him. there are people who say i had a problem with my job. i had a problem with police officers, especially with stories that concern police officers, there are people with a general distrust of police officers, especially african-americans and hispanics and they see -- they believe that he had a beef, a legitimate beef, but now he's gone off the deep end and he's doing it the wrong way now. >> so prior to him going off the deep end, ate lo lot of caller different municipalities across the country, they're saying he's not so crazy. >> right. the lapd historically has a problem with racism, had a worse problem with racism years ago, especially 20 years ago when the
2:23 pm
rodney king story happened and probably worse before that and then cleaned up. no police department in the country is perfect. the lapd is not perfect now. and people are still saying the lapd has a problem with racism now. and police departments across the country have a problem with racism now and the way they treat people of color. so chris dorner, they believe, is now sort of -- a person who they believe in this story can help bring that out and that we should be talking about that as well as the victims in this story and the hunt for chris dorner. >> we should say the l.a. police chief, chief beck was asked yesterday about some of the allegations dorner makes in the manifesto, and this is what he said about him yesterday. >> -- lapd for -- that's what we're reading. >> you're talking about a homicide suspect who has committed atrocious crimes, and if you want to give any
2:24 pm
attribution to his ramblings on the internet, go right ahead, but i do not. if you read his manifesto, this is a very -- lapd is a specific target, but all law enforcement is targeted. this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. and it should be seen as such. >> calls him cowardly. >> yeah, he does. calls him cowardly. but still, again, this conversation is no way justifying what he has done. but it is also something that we need to talk about, and also something that is not -- that is being talked about online, being talked about on the radio, but not being talked about in media coverage. i have to say, even other journalists, because i made a similar point yesterday, that it appears from his manifesto that he is, you know, he wasn't crazy when he wrote his manifesto. someone, another journalist from a major news organization wrote me and said, confidentially, your coverage of the la fugitive story makes me proud to be a
2:25 pm
black journalist. what he's doing is wrong, but your points are right. praying for he and the victims. >> once they catch him, it is a conversation we need to have. >> absolutely. >> thank you, don lemon, appreciate it. back to the blizzard here. blizzard 2013. it is on its way. live pictures here from boston. the snow is starting to fall. folks are being warned. we're covering it from every angle. coming up next, the craziest video we have seen so far. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength
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. snow has started to fall here. live pictures of our roving crew here in the streets of boston. some people out and about. see the cars parked? we're going to talk to the mayor in a little bit. he's going to say got to get the cars off the road or you will be towed. in an hour and a half, according to the governor of the great state of massachusetts, he says no one can be driving on any road in the state of massachusetts. so this historic blizzard has millions of people on edge. many of you and we thank you for it, you're chronicling your preparations through social media. george howell, you've been looking through all of our ireports, videos, photos.
2:29 pm
what are people sending us. >> want to talk first of all -- brooke, about this video, that we're seeing. this is our senior weather producer dave henin. he's on the road -- >> dave on the road. >> he's on the road. i-93 into boston. they're at a weather conference up there. >> of all places a weather conference. >> you get a sense of what it is like on the roads headed into boston. so sort of a mess go,,ing igoia lot worse in the next couple of hours. look at this. this is from one of our ireporters. this is in queens. look at this. you see the cars already coated, road -- plenty of snow on it. this will be different than what you see, brooke, in, you know, manhattan, where you have more traffic. you'll see a little less snow on the ground. and, you know, looks nice now. give it a few hours, maybe not so much. >> so much will be changing. what else? >> look at this. logan airport. >> oh, wow. logan? >> you never see anything like this. it is amazing. >> a lot of flights affected
2:30 pm
already, delays, cancellations, amtrak, nothing happening between washington and boston. what else? >> right. so the other image i want to show you is this. this is an ireporter who showed us what is happening inside stores. everybody has been buying up food, buying up water, trying to get ready for this thing. and the shelves are empty in a lot of places. >> they're preparing. people always grab the milk and the bread ahead of time. george howell, thank you, come back if you got some more. we will be up, maybe not we, we, but i will be up all night long from midnight to 5:00 a.m. to take you here through the storm, so if you have power, please tune in. we'll be getting many, many more photos and videos from you. this is cnn ireport, so go to the urgent manhunt for the former police officer accused of killing cops. as the search intensifies, we're talking with someone who used to work at the lapd. whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster!
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live pictures, andover,
2:34 pm
massachusetts, not sure what i'm looking at. maybe the side of a sign, you see a snow shovel there, people are getting ready as the storm is really going to hit in a matter of hours. we're going to talk to chad myers about what you need to know. >> it is a yardstick. >> oh, it is a yardstick. oh, my gosh, i need glasses. it is a yardstick. that yardstick will clearly be much of it hidden once the snow starts to fall. we're going to come back to that here in a minute. right now, we have to talk about big bear, california, for any sign. they're searching, any sign of this former police officer who is clearly has some kind of vendetta against the force, seeking revenge. snow is falling on big bear. schools are closed today. families warned to stay inside. police found christopher dorner's burnt out truck in the area. now they want to find him. he is the man who vowed war on the l.a. police department. former pd s.w.a.t. team sergeant andy lampry joins me in los angeles.
2:35 pm
before we go to you, if i may, i want to go to nick valencia, our reporter, covering the story for us in los angeles, outside of lapd. nick, tell me what you're learning at this hour. >> reporter: yeah, brooke, new information just in to us a short time ago. this coming from steve whitmore with the los angeles county sheriff's department. he tells us the twin towers jail around the corner from our downtown lapd headquarters, that jail is now on lockdown. a civilian employee on their way into work believed they spotted dorner in the area. it is worth mentioning as well, brooke, our producer confirmed with media relations that the tactical alert is now back on as of about 1:55 p.m. eastern time. that's because there are multiple sightings of christopher dorner in the area. the tactical alert means a couple of police officers from different divisions will be on 12-hour shifts. we have been speaking to police officers all throughout the morning here. but that's the latest with the investigation. brooke?
2:36 pm
>> nick valencia, thank you. let me get the reaction to your news from andy lampry, former lapd. when you hear this, when you hear about people in and around the l.a. area thinking they see -- this person could have seen dorner near this jail, you know, places are on lockdown, the fear is palpable. how do you move forward? >> well, first of all, brooke, with these kinds of events and particularly this one, which is so high profile and all across the news wires across the nation, lots of people have lots of reports of sightings. and each one has to be considered. some considered more serious than others. but it is a very hard to tell what's inside his mind. i'm not sure that he would come that close to downtown los angeles near the jail with so many law enforcement officers around. >> what about big bear? that's really the last tangible clues is this torched truck of
2:37 pm
his, and the footprints which, you know, were covered over now because they're getting all this snow in big bear. take me inside the mind-set of these officers and tactical teams trying to find him. perhaps it is a trap. >> well, i think that -- i'm sure that consideration has been given by the officers on the ground, the command staff that are running the operation that this could be in fact the diversionary tactic on the part of the subject -- suspect, to lead them in a direction where they're tying up assets. he could have in fact, had a car waiting for him up there or in fact, commandeered another vehicle to make his way off the mountain. there is a number of possibilities. there is a lot that comes into play, obviously. the law enforcement is dealing with inclement weather. and that offers -- that presents a whole set of new challenges. they're dealing in a rural
2:38 pm
environment, most law enforcement in southern california dealing -- working in urban environment. and although a number of these officers that patrol that particular area are familiar with it, it still presents real challenges coupled with the inclement weather as i said. >> he knows that. chris dorner knows that, having been in the military and, of course, working on the force. andy lampry, thank you so much. i need to move to the pentagon as we're getting some news on this story in california. barbara starr, tell me what you're learning about servicemen and women being on alert now. >> absolutely brooke, resonating at the pentagon, this man was a former navy lieutenant in the naval reserves. and now we are told that u.s. navy bases in california and nevada are on, quote, maintaining a heightened security posture, a heightened state of alert as they too are
2:39 pm
on the lookout for this man. and they do have some reason to know that he has approached the u.s. military in the last few days. a couple of days ago, they learned -- they discovered that he had stayed at a navy motel facility in san diego, and on wednesday he approached two navy sailors at his old unit when he was in the reserves, had a conversation with them, they did not realize they had been talking to dorner until they saw all the news reports. so a lot of concern now, in fact, a day ago, the point loma naval base shut down briefly while they thought he might be there. so now overnight the admiral in charge of the southwest region of the united states for the u.s. navy has ordered this heightened security posture. they're not talking exactly about what they're doing. i think we can well understand that they're going to check everybody's passes, everybody's access, as they come in and out of the many military facilities
2:40 pm
in california. the big question for the military now, brooke, is does this man still have a military i.d. card. he has uniforms, could he possibly try and sneak on to a military base. brooke? >> to think he's talking to these people, these members of the military, it is almost like he's hiding in plain sight. barbara starr with the news on the heightened security posture in both california and nevada. barbara, thank you so much. we're juggling that story. we're talking about this inclement weather, this blizzard here happening in new england. 40 million people in the storm's path. we're going to take you to staten island coming up next.
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
all right, let's look at these pictures together. this is our roving crew, this is the boston area. and clearly people are out and about as we are still a couple of hours away from the worst of this blizzard, but reminder again, from duvall patrick, the
2:44 pm
governor of massachusetts, you have to be off the road, anywhere in the state of massachusetts, by 4:00 eastern today. chad myers with me here, in the cube, where our weather teams work. and you have quite the day cut out for you. >> this is where the pizza boxes are. >> you know this is a serious news story, pizza boxes at cnn. how much snow is on the ground right now? >> milton, vermont, 8 inches. people around niagara falls and buffalo and barry got more than this already. scarborough, maine, 7 inches. we talk about that ocean efenfe, how the moisture comes off the ocean. this is the closest approach, 10:00 tonight, that's when the winds get the strongest, that's when the snow gets the heaviest. that's when it is a blinding event out there. >> zero visibility. >> i don't even want the police officers to be out there. they have to be, but that's what it is going to be, visibility
2:45 pm
less than an eighth of a mile, blowing, drifting, blinding snow. if you're stuck on the road, you'll be stuck there for hours because the national guard will have to come get you. by the time this is over, there will be 20 inches of snow, boston to hartford, providence. this is what i'm worried about. every little mountain area here will get more here, not so much in the valley of the hudson. but 6 to 10 in new york city. more to the north. a foot of snow there. all of connecticut, less to the south, because that's new jersey, and bull's eye right here, boston, providence, hartford, almost out to the berkshires. we'll see some places with 40 inches of snow, we will. >> we will? we'll talk about it here through the night. i want to talk -- we're focusing on boston. we have to talk about new york, staten island specifically. no doubt that the warnings here about the weather, deja vu for a lot of you in the northeast. you just lived through superstorm sandy, pommelled the region, that was back in the end of october. and one of the hardest hit areas, staten island, new york, that's where mary snow is today.
2:46 pm
tell me how people are doing, how they're feeling today. >> reporter: brooke, the thing that people keep saying is here we go again. this is a punch in the gut, and the last thing people here needed. look around me. get a sense of how much work still needs to be done. if we can just pan over, right near us is a tent where volunteers provide meals every day to people here on staten island, in this section that was so badly damaged. that's where we met steve chatty. he's displaced with his family. he says he comes here every day for his meals. he says he can't believe that he's still living this way and is in disbelief that another major storm is headed here. >> to be honest with you, becoming numb as far as any weather related, you know, issues. we don't have anything left to lose anymore. we lost everything. so i couldn't worry more about
2:47 pm
it. it is not going to help with anything. just trying to stay strong and, you know, hopefully better days will come. >> reporter: and, brooke, people are just hoping that the worst of this storm will skip staten island. you know, wind is one of the worries here. and already com ed says more than 800 people have lost power. the big worry is flooding and high tide is expected between 6:30 and 7:00 tonight. >> like they can't catch a break, mary snow. thank you. talking to the good people of staten island, appreciate that. as we talk about the storm here, big picture, thousands of flights canceled. passengers stranded. weekend plans out the window. we're going to take you live to the airport next. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love.
2:48 pm
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it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading e pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. aarrggh! a know a lot of you are frustrated and home today as you are looking out your windows at this. live pictures of streets of boston here thanks to julian cummings and crew driving around again. we'll talk to the mayor of boston, mayor manino in a little bit and he'll talk about the priorities now, because this is a snow emergency, that means you can't have your car parked on the streets. you know the deal. folks in boston, you're going to get towed. and heads up, an hour from now, you cannot drive anywhere in the state of massachusetts according to the governor. if you do, you could go to jail for a year. that was according to susan
2:51 pm
candiotti. frustration in the northeast. this massive storm is coming, means one thing, if you're traveling in the region, you could be stuck. listen to this man we talked to in d.c. at reagan national airport. >> canceled the flight. and since we're at the airport, we're trying to find a cheap flight to anywhere else. >> want to bring in renee marsh at reagan now, a very quiet reagan. of cancellations, i kno. tell me what it looks like there. >> reporter: people are frustrated. however, they are still in good spirits. let's look at the boards here. we are seeing a bit of a ripple effect. we are seeing the flights are taking off, but then if you look at the northeast flights, canceled. there are cancellations. as far as dca goes, we're talking about 130 arrivals and departures canceled here. bad news if you're heading to
2:52 pm
the northeast. i would say about two hours or so ago, they had a line here. the woers here were working really hard to rebook passengers who were on a boston flight. take a listen to this. this woman, she was seated, she had her seat belt on, her baggage was already in the overhead bin. then came the announcement, the flight was canceled. here's what's next for her. >> wanted to get to boston. if i have to get to boston, first flight available is sunday at 6:30. >> today is friday. >> yes, today is friday. >> reporter: all right, well this is the line here at reagan national airport. a bit of a line. there are flights going out of reagan, but it really just depends on where you are going. big picture, we're seeing some problems in the northeast as you would imagine. so airlines already ceasing operations at airports like new york and boston and that started at around noon. we'll see that continue as the afternoon goes on. brooke? >> thank you so much.
2:53 pm
we'll be live all night tonight. we'll be keeping, of course, an eye on the airports as well. the night the lights went out at the super bowl. guess what, we now know what caused it. details ahead. but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ]
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2:55 pm
breaking news now. a source close to jesse jackson jr., to the family here, they're confirming to cnn that the
2:56 pm
former congressman has signed a plea deal with prosecutors. a law enforcement official previously told cnn the fbi and prosecutors in d.c., that they were investigating jackson for possible financial impropriety. lawyers representing jackson have not returned cnn's phone calls. the u.s. attorney's office in washington had no comment when asked earlier. back to the special coverage of the blizzard and the urgent manhunt in california here in just a moment. other news developing right now. roll it. actor hugh grant among those receiving phone hacking settlements today from rupert murdoch's company. news international settled 144 lawsuits, seven other cases will go to trial. lawyers said grant received, quote/unquote, substantial damages. the suit stemmed from that widespread scandal involving the hacking of celebrities and politicians and others by murdoch tabloids. private e-mails and photographs belonging to not just one but two american
2:57 pm
presidents hacked and published online for the world to see. the secret service is investigating the hacking and publication of the correspondence. the accounts held private e-mails of the bush family including former presidents george h.w. and george w. bush. and perhaps somewhere beyonce is saying, i told you so. her electrifying super bowl performance was not the cause of that embarrassing power outage during sunday's game. as some people had speculated. here is what happened. >> through our own investigation we have traced the cause of sunday's outage to an electrical relay device. the device was specifically installed to protect the mercedes-benz superdome equipment in the event of a cable failure between the switch gear and the stadium. the device has since been removed from service and new replacement equipment is being evaluated. >> with that said, new orleans mayor mitch landrieu said he plans to bid for the 2018 super
2:58 pm
bowl. with that, to more live pictures here, from boston, as we help to talk about this blizzard. could be record-breaking. team coverage top of the hour. l. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ ♪ all set? all set. [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse, with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief.
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3:01 pm
northeast could hit historic levels. plus, the manhunt for an accused cop killer. he knows police tactics, he knows their tendencies, and he apparently doesn't fear death. why the next few hours may be the most important in the search. top of the hour here, i'm brooke baldwin. the blizzard is hitting and it is about to get much worse. i want to take you back to our roving camera on the streets of boston. this is cnn's julian cummings, one of our producers and his crew providing us these live pictures. want to show you another live picture. look at this with me. the ominous gray this live picture from the historic golf club. this is marion, massachusetts. stand by for more. chad myers, let me start with you here. talk to me about the snow already falling. >> the snow is coming down now, about 6 to 7 inches in vermont and parts of new hampshire.
3:02 pm
i'm watching live shots come in. at least around central park, still mixing with a little bit of rain. that will keep the snow totals down. as soon as that snow goes to all snow, then all of a sudden it will start to pile up. this is an issue because it is wet. it is slushy, sloppy underneath. there will be a layer of ice on top -- when that snow gets on top of there. it is going to freeze. all you can do is get around with ice skates. this is the area from boston back to connecticut, rhode island, it will not get to rain at all. you will get all snow. this big circle right through there is going to be 20 to 30 inches of snow. i'll zoom in one more time into the city here. you begin to see about the palisades, that the snow line beginning to come to the south, that means the cold air is getting into the storm. remember we talked about this earlier, that the warm air got to the city too soon for it to be all snow. great news. that's what we wanted. we wanted it to be not all snow. because everywhere here has a potential for 20 to 30. now that it is raining a little bit, that's taking the snow
3:03 pm
amounts that -- the higher amounts away from the city especially, south of the city to queens and rockaway, a few inches because it is going to be a lot of slop. >> and you were saying likely record-setting snow in boston. let me go to boston to susan candiotti standing in the thick of things here. it looks like the wind has really picked up. susan, do you have me? >> reporter: oh, yeah, i have you. it sure has. it comes in gusts. trying to put that hood down a little bit, put it up, bring it down. as you stand out here, occasionally we see people walking by, there is a -- what are you doing out, sir, off camera? just out and about, you know? we see people walking their dogs still. it is now the point where, yes, you could still pull that off if you like being out in the weather like this. but at a certain point, obviously, once the sun goes down, it is going to be very treacherous. certainly the roads already are treacherous. we're standing in columbus park. it is like a ghost town in
3:04 pm
downtown boston right now. we're not far from faneuil hall, and other landmarks, quincy market. it is very rough out here. and the governor of the state made it perfectly clear that this may be a record-setting snowfall and they want to make sure that people understand how difficult things may get. listen. >> two or three feet of snow in this period of time is a profoundly different kind of storm than we have dealt with in the time you and i have been doing this together. and the -- the time to recover and the -- and the demands of that recovery in some respects we cannot know until the storm is over. >> reporter: and so, brooke, at this hour, you know, the transit system is shutting down. the schools have been closed. businesses have shut down. and it is a time where people, by now, have cleared out the
3:05 pm
store shelves. they have stocked up. these are new englanders, these are bostonians, these are folks who are ready to hunker down for these storms. they have seen these blizzards before. and this is a tough one, that blizzard warning is in effect at least until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> susan, you have made a point that really made me sit up, because governor duvall patrick not messing around. you said, if you are caught driving on the streets anywhere in the state of massachusetts, after 4:00 today, in one hour, you could get fined or did i hear you correctly, you said you could go to prison? >> reporter: well, that's right. up to one year in jail. >> wow. >> reporter: he made the point, look, we're not trying to tell people we're going to throw you in the slammer and you better -- they're trying to make the point that they could. that's how bad it is out there. they want to make sure those streets are only reserved for emergency vehicles that might need to get out there. and obviously to keep the streets as clear as they possibly can for as long as they can and to get the cleanup
3:06 pm
started as soon as this thing passes. >> okay. susan candiotti for me in boston. to new york now, to big -- i'm hearing in my ear, alison, will come to you in a minute. to big bear in california, the last place where they have seen any tangible crews for this christopher dorner, this man of killing police officers. let's listen. >> there is about 200 empty cabins that we're going to check one by one, using our s.w.a.t. guys that i explained earlier. we're using snow cats and apcs, with chains on them to get to those areas. we're methodically searching each building as we get to it. our guys are making great progress at this point. but the search continues. i have no new information in regards to the suspect or his location. but i do have the mayor of big bear lake here today. i had a meeting with him and jeff, the city manager, earlier. city of big bear lake is solidly behind our effort. we're continuing to reassure the citizens both via you folks as
3:07 pm
well as through the city to make sure that they know we have as many resources here as possible. as i said earlier, congressman paul cook is behind us 100% as are the board of supervisors in our county, james ramos, the supervisor for the third district. let me get the mayor up here to say a couple of words. mayor jay obernolte. >> on behalf of the city, i would like to welcome you to our mountain community. i apologize for the weather. in big bear, we call this a beautiful winter morning. i want to start by thanking the members of the law enforcement community taking time out of their busy lives to be with us here in big bear. i want everyone to know that you're making a big difference. the residents of our community feel very safe knowing you're here. we have a very substantial law enforcement presence. i want to thank you very much for being here. the question i've been asked movement often is is there pan nick our community up near big bear because of the situation? no, there is no panic.
3:08 pm
we're hardy residents here in the san bernardino mountains. many of the people here are -- my fear is not that panic would ensue, but more that someone up here would see something and take the law into their own hands. i want to urge anyone, if you see something, remain vigilant, call 911, report it to law enforcement communities, let them deal with it. also i've been asked a lot about the decision to open the ski resorts today. i want everyone to know that that decision was made in close conjunction with the law enforcement community up here. we have been assured that the suspect does not pose a substantial threat to the ski resorts or the surrounding community. that's why the ski resorts are open. if the situation changes, obviously we'll reassess that decision. thank you very much. enjoy your time here in big bear. [ inaudible ] >> in addition to the mayor, we have council member bill young here with us as well. we're continuing the search and our plan is to continue to do
3:09 pm
that throughout the day and throughout the weekend, should we need to. we discover any information that gives us any idea that he is neither no longer here or we're able to capture him, then things will change and we'll get back to you and let you know. the vehicle i talked about earlier is in our possession in san fwebernardino. we're turning over all the evidence to the police department. [ inaudible ] >> do you have a sense where -- i know you said earlier you brought in special equipment. >> it is still snowing. our folks are dressed correctly and we have the right equipment to get to the search areas that we need. certainly it will be a little slower to get to each individual area on foot because of the weather, but we're continuing to push forward. >> what are you looking for? what kind of signs do you possibly see in these conditions if you can't see tracks or anything like that. >> question see tracks in this kind of condition.
3:10 pm
the snow is great for tracking folks and looking at each and every individual cabin to see if there is forced entry. [ inaudible ] >> -- near the truck yesterday and tracing to anywhere really? >> we continue to follow the footprints as i said earlier. yesterday when we found them leading away from the vehicle, we followed them throughout the mountains on two different forestry roads until we lost sight of them. >> do you need him to show up somewhere else before you can call off your search? >> reasonable information that would suggest he's no longer in this area. >> sheriff what evidence did you find in the truck? can you tell us what you found in the truck? >> i cannot tell you what we found in the truck at this point. we'll release everything, the truck and any evidence to the irvine police department and they will be the ones that will release any information in regards to that. >> can someone disappear easily in that area? >> there is over 200 cabins up in those mountains that are abandoned or vacant and we're checking those one by one. >> are they forest service
3:11 pm
cabins or vacation homes? >> some are. >> talk to us about resources and personnel. how many people do you have on the mountain now, talk to us about the snow cats, et cetera. >> we have over 100 people here again today, we're staffed up and 12 hour operational periods, we're going to continue that staffing level throughout the weekend. we'll reassess as we get closer to the first of next week. we already talked about the snow cats and the vehicles we're using to get around. we're not having any trouble at all getting to the places we need to search. >> how are they geared up how can you be sure he doesn't pose a substantial threat to the ski resorts? >> we have searched the entire area around the ski resort, our s.w.a.t. officers are on mountain looking for him. there is no information to suggest he's anywhere near the ski resort itself. and we also searched all the houses, door to door in this general area. >> are you using dogs also? i saw a canine unit.
3:12 pm
[ inaudible ] >> can't tell you that. thanks. >> thank you. >> so they were saying, that was the sheriff, san bernardino, talking about this man, they don't know where he is. they just said that he had left the area, maybe in big bear. they're still searching. we have paul vercammen who is right there, listening in on the news conference. we missed the top of the news conference. what was the biggest headline for you listening? >> reporter: well, there wasn't any bombshell dropped in this press conference right now. let me assure you of that. the sheriff continued with what he said before. he said they're covering eight square miles in these mountains and that they're searching some 200 homes. i am right now interrupting a little bit of a press conference behind me. this is another san bernardino county sheriff, perhaps listen to her and she'll reveal more. >> sure, let's listen.
3:13 pm
>> can you talk about how your officers are geared up now, protective gear, assault rifles, the whole thing? >> they have -- >> lost the audio. did we lose paul. >> we have all of their -- their riot gear on and, of course, they're armed with their assault weapons also. >> okay. >> brooke, if you can hear me, she was saying they were armed -- >> we're sending out messages via nixel. anyone who subscribes to that will get those messages and there is media coverage -- >> we're having some audio issues. paul vercammen, if you can hear me, stand by. i want to come back to you. we have dr. paula bloom, clinical psychologist here. so much to talk about. all i can think, this reminds me of the d.c. sniper shootings. i was living in virginia at the time. you were afraid to go outside. you have people in southern california now -- let me begin with the why. we don't know the why right now. what makes somebody so obviously
3:14 pm
full of rage and has this vendetta go from thoughts to actions? >> listen, anybody who -- it is all a matter on a continuum. anybody who has been broken up with, who has been betrayed, can identify with the feeling of rage, right? that feeling of rage and anger. you may even have revenge fantasies. that's fair to say that's sort of not an unusual thing in human beings. it is in your head. so we have -- one of the big things that keeps us from doing these things is thinking about the consequences, thinking about all we can lose, i don't want to be in jail, i don't want to lose my family, i don't want to lose my job. what is scary to me, i haven't talked to this man or evaluated him, but he fears nothing, doesn't fear death. when you have somebody with that degree of rage and anger and has nothing to lose and the training he has, to me that is what makes this a perfect storm and very dangerous. >> dangerous combination. also, i can't help but think of all the people, right? he's targeting per this manifesto these police officers, their family members, but if i live in l.a., if i live in -- big bear, wherever in that
3:15 pm
general vicinity, i'm going to be afraid. how do you handle that fear? >> right. you have to trust the authorities and be reasonable and be safe. but you're right. the thing is, the feeling of powerlessness, a feeling like somebody can hurt you and kill you and it is beyond your control, it is one of the most difficult things we can experience as human beings. what we can do is stay as safe as possible, trust the authorities, keep our eyes and ears open, and be as present as we can to what is going on around us. you're right. it is very scary. >> hopefully ends quickly, no more lives lost. paula bloom, thank you. now, back to this massive winter storm here. two storms are colliding to create this huge blizzard mess in the northeast. we have all angles covered for you. these are live pictures in boston. the snow has begun to fall. we're covering it from new york to connecticut to massachusetts. stay right with me. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. right to the storm. to alison kosik standsing on the streets for us there in manhattan. alison, set the scene for me. >> reporter: it has changed. there is a nice continuous hail pounding my face at this point. so, yes, yeah, you can feel that the snow is picking up. commuters you can tell, they're
3:19 pm
rushing home at this point. a lot of employers, brooke, went ahead and let their employees go home a little early today. they closed their offices early because the real brunt of this storm, the blizzard conditions, the strong winds and the real heavy snow, that's expected to start accumulating at around 7:00, so the idea was get these people home, especially since mass transit is expected to shut down, when these conditions get really, really serious, brooke. >> we heard a little bit from mayor bloomberg, had some common sense advice for new yorkers. tell me what he said? >> reporter: he said, you know what, tonight is the best night to go home, cook a meal, read a book, watch some tv. tonight is not the night to be walking around, walking the streets and driving around. you know, it may not feel so bad right now, but the reality is, once those blizzard conditions blow through here, it is going to be at the complete opposite of what we're seeing now, going to be sort of exemplified ten fold. his advise, stay home, the best thing, and the snowstorm should
3:20 pm
wrap up by midmorning, morning time on saturday, brooke. >> there goes the plow again behind you. they're trying to get ahead of it. we head a little farther north now to rhode island. patty o'neil lives in pawtucket, rhode island, a member of the state assembly. welcome. and, you know, tell me, you're at home, you have two little ones. what are you seeing out your window right now? >> thank you for having me. it is pretty ugly right now. as soon as i got on hold, the plow went down my street, about five minutes ago, the street is already covered. it is very, very sloppy driving. it has been kind of a mix all day. but now you can see it is turning to all snow. and we know we're in for a very, very long night. >> listen, i know you new englanders are a bunch of hardy folks, you've done this many times before. but when you hear from folks like our weatherman chad myers saying, in some parts of new england, you could get something
3:21 pm
like 40 inches, this is talking true record-breaking. does it feel different to you? >> it definitely felt different when i was at work today. downtown, when i left, a little after 1:00, 1:30, it was empty. you could feel it was a sense of urgency to get out of the city. the streets were empty. on the way home, there was a lot of people filling up their gas cans and getting home. definitely a sense of urgency to get home and i know that trying to keep up here with the roads, with the roads, as soon as they plow them, they seem to be filling up with snow right away. >> patty o'neil, good luck riding this one out. hopefully we can stay in touch with you. thank you, in pawtucket, rhode island. want to let all of you know, i'll be anchoring special live coverage here as the peak of the blizzard hits the northeast, starting at midnight tonight. i'll be with you all the way through 5:00 in the morning right here on cnn.
3:22 pm
coming up, ashleigh banfield live in connecticut. she is measuring what has been falling so far. we'll talk to her in a moment. (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog. beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day. ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah!
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we'll get you back to the
3:25 pm
blizzard in a moment. we have to talk about this manhunt under way right now in southern california. briefly we just heard from the sheriff of san bernardino county, california, saying they have been looking for additional clues here, trying to find this man, christopher dorner, who is accused of killing a couple and a police officer here. and they're looking for him in this press conference, a couple of things. one, they said they will not leave big bear until there is actual evidence that he has left the area. there are a bunch of cabins, about 200 empty cabins, they said, they're going door to door, trying to see if there is forced entry into the cabins. just about 40% of the folks in big bear actually live there and are there at this time. and also interesting, he mentioned the snow. you would think maybe that makes it more difficult for these s.w.a.t. teams, tactually, to get in and find him. he says it helps because it helps in trancing dorner. back in los angeles, though, police are on tactical alert after a possible sighting of christopher dorner here, the ex-cop accused of killing three
3:26 pm
people, including a riverside police officer. a civilian employee of the twin towers jail, not too far from the l.a. police headquarters, reported possibly seeing dorner. that jail is now on lockdown. the last tangible clue, as i mentioned, came from big bear. here was his truck. this is a burnt out truck from just yesterday. pictures from yesterday. they're going through evidence. they wouldn't tell media yet what was found in that truck. it had been set on fire. there were footprints leading from it. but the trail went cold in a nearby forest. and, again, there is new hope today that the storm, some of the snow will help them track dorner. searchers tell us any tracks dorner might leave will be much easier to see in new fallen snow. miguel marquez live in los angeles where this manhunt began. and miguel, what is the latest you're hearing? >> reporter: well, that manhunt is still continuing.
3:27 pm
and across all of southern california there are, you know, twitchy people everywhere. it was downtown, it was the latest one that the jail center there, jail had to go on lockdown because they thought they saw him there. earlier today in barstow, california. we're in front of a police station in hollywood. this place is under heavy guard because it was mentioned in that 11-page manifesto by mr. dorner. but police substations, the main headquarters, they're also under heavy guard here because they're not quite sure where he's going to hit next. thousands of police officers not only looking for him, but guarding all of these facilities, plus guarding the families of individuals and their families who are mentioned in that manifesto. so there is widespread concern about where mr. dorner might strike next. one of the most shocking incidents in all of this is that, you know, police opened fired on a truck, a blue truck that resembled the truck that mr. dorner was in. the one that was eventually burned in big bear in the mountains east of here and they
3:28 pm
shot -- did not kill a 71-year-old woman and her daughter, the 71-year-old, they were delivering newspapers, she's now in intensive care. it looks like she might survive. a few minutes late, another police officer heard those shots, rammed into another blue truck, a different blue truck, shot into it. that guy is okay. he was a guy on his way to work. very, very high tension across all of southern california. brooke? >> frightening, frightening times now. miguel marquez, in l.a., miguel, thank you. back to the blizzard, chris christie, speaking in just a moment. talking about the good people of new jersey because 40 million people in the path of this blizzard, we'll hear from the governor right after this. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
bottom of the hour, brooke baldwin. 40 million people in the path of this winter storm, could be record-setting according to chad myers. we'll talk to chad myers in a minute. we have julian cummings, providing us live pictures, roaming the streets of boston, which he won't be able to do half an hour from now, per governor patrick. and ashleigh banfield in greenwich, connecticut. we'll check the conditions there. chad myers, i'll begin with you. when is the worst of this supposed to hit? >> i would say 10:00 to midnight tonight that depends where you are, of course. somewhere around the 10:00 hour this low is going to be as close to the coast as it is going to get. that's when the fire hose of snow is going to come pouring in to new hampshire. >> fire hose of snow. >> yeah, literally. like a snow machine, going to be picking up -- you heard of lake-effect snow, if you're around buffalo, you know all about it. when the cold air comes across the lake and there is snow dumped on the land, downwind of the lake. this could do the same thing. this storm will pick up moisture from the atlantic ocean, and
3:31 pm
that moisture will enhance the storm more and enhance the potential for the humidity or the amount of water in the air and then just dump it as it gets in here, into portland, into places like the upper elevations here of new hampshire, boston, rhode island. i just listened to your interview a guy from pawtucket. i hadn't looked at pawtucket, a crazy little airport out there. 27 inches is the forecast for that guy who said now that his streets are getting covered up, every couple of minutes they go by with the street sweeper, with the plow, and just can't keep up with it at all. 55 to 70-mile-per-hour winds along the shore. 5 to 7 foot storm surge. blizzard warnings still going on for the people there. >> chad, let me jump in. i'm hearing we have ali velshi, he's down the cape, he's in cape cod. ali, what are you seeing? >> reporter: it is what your local news would call a wintry mix. snow, a few minutes ago, rain. a little accumulation here, on
3:32 pm
the south side of cape cod. this is south behind me, the eastern end of cape cod over there. what we're expecting here is probably up to 6 to 18 inches of snow, high tide as chad says, right about when the storm gets the closest. high tide. we'll have big ones. we're getting a lot of accumulation over here. massachusetts, as you mentioned, half an hour, goes into a state wide executive order. no nonessential traffic, no commercial traffic, no private traffic. everybody has to get off the road. a lot of twitter activity about whether or not that's legal and how it will be enforced. but the governor has done that. the first time, brooke, since 1978. there has not been a lot of this activity around here. folks around here not quite sure what it means. we are expecting -- you see the high tide when it comes in, comes right to about here. so we still got a long way to go and not a whole lot of accumulation. we're right around freezing right now, which is why it is snow sometimes and rain sometimes. not sure whether we're getting two feet of snow or a foot of snow. but at the moment, people are
3:33 pm
getting to the stores, we have noticed people going out, filling their tanks, gas stations around here, with lineups and without gas. we still were able to get supplies, but lite of store keepers told us people were going in, getting water, getting stuff to stay home overnight. but that's where we are right now, anticipation, building, a lot of attention now is on boston, where they really want to get people home, and out of the -- out of harm's way. on cape cod, 500,000, 600,000 of people in the summer, half to a third of that in the winter. >> i'm glad you're there. we keep talking about the snow, the wind, the zero visibility and the flooding will be potentially a massive concern. ali velshi, my thanks to you. let's skip to connecticut. ashleigh banfield in greenwich. i see the snow. tell me what it looks like, ashleigh. >> reporter: it is pretty. but if ali calls this the wintry mix as the local news people do, then the national news people call it rotten. because i'm telling you, driving
3:34 pm
from new york to greenwich, i do this drive every day, i had to go about half the speed, i saw about four accidents, nearly got into another one with a guy who was going way too fast because not that many people know how to drive in this stuff. it is a mess. this is the lovely central greenwich, normally teeming with people shopping. but i think a lot of people have taken the governor's advice. don't go outside. he's thinking of shutting down the highways anyway, brooke. that might be a good reason as to why you see starbucks closing down here. and if i need to tell you how much snow has been falling, i'm going to do it this way. this might be a good measurement throughout the day, a nice monument here at the post office. it has one, two, three, four big steps. my guess, if the governor is right, and if the weather service is right, we're going to get upwards of two to three feet in connecticut. could get up to the second step, maybe drift up to the third step. earlier in the day, brooke, we're doing it this way. the second greater way, via the
3:35 pm
president's ruler. >> i thought i saw a ruler. >> you did. you did. we're at adams, okay, brooke. i'm not talking john adams. i'm talking john quincy adams, three inches. that's where we are right now. it is starting to fall. i know it is funny. it is funny because it is pretty and lovely, but the truth is, if you're inside, keep the kids inside. the branches snap real bad when the hurricane force winds start coming up later. and, of course, power is expected to be really, really an issue. 3.5 million people in connecticut. can i tell you, october of 2011, halloween storm, i remember, drove me bananas with my kids, we had so much snow, 800,000 people lost their power. this is supposed to be one of the ten worst storms ever. >> let me ask you, i was talking to someone in rhode island, a lot of people like you who live in connecticut, you're used to this stuff, it happens, it happened multiple times. does this feel different? when we hear record-breaking, does it feel different?
3:36 pm
>> reporter: i'm from winnipeg, canada, so this is a walk in the park. >> you're not the person i should be asking then. >> reporter: really. what's your problem, brooke? come on, get over it. >> here is the atlanta girl asking this question. >> reporter: yeah. southern bell. it doesn't feel different, no. but we're in the early offings here. these flakes are pretty and the wind hasn't started. it is when the wind starts hitting the trees you can see big, beautiful old connecticut trees, some like 75, 100 years old. this is the problem, brooke. six years i've been living in connecticut, in that time i've lost ten trees on my own property. i don't have a big property, okay? i lost ten trees between 20 and 50 feet high. those are big trees. laden with heavy snow. the massive winds start coming, the ground is wet and, thud, take out all the power lines, lose power every week it seems and they're dangerous for people who are out on the roads walking or playing or doing those kinds of things. my kids' school is canceled at 5:00 a.m. and that was before a
3:37 pm
flake had fallen. >> ashleigh banfield, stay warm. we have the official measurement at the john quincy adams mark on ashleigh banfield's ruler. thank you very much. we'll come back to you. to julian cummings. he's been driving. you have about 24 more minutes as i sneak a peek on my clock before you're in big, big trouble with duvall patrick for being on those roads. tell me where you are right now. >> right now we're in the back bay of boston, alongside the big boston common park. we're seeing a lot of plows out. but only in some areas. boston's winding city, some areas are very, very teeny roads and i haven't been -- the city is getting quieter and quieter as the snow gets harder and harder. >> what about people? i'm not looking at people in your shot. have you seen people out and about? >> about an hour and a half ago there were people out walking, trying to brave it. but the winds are starting to pick up and it is turning into a ghost town very, very quickly
3:38 pm
around downtown boston. some residents are still trying to get their belongings in order in front of their homes and so on, but it is getting quiet here. >> okay. saw that tv station, you're right across from the state house. julian cummings, safe driving, thank you. we have to talk also so many of you are being affected. if you are even thinking about flying to this area, forget about it. more on the travel delays right after this.
3:39 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we have been talking about some travel delays, i want to take you straight to washington, d.c., already impacted. a lot of canceled on those big boards in the airport. renee marsh, at reagan for me. renee? >> reporter: that's right, brooke. we're seeing the ripple effects here at reagan national airport. let's look again. actually the number of cancellations have picked up since the last time we spoke here. it depends where you're going. there are flights leaving reagan, but if you're going to new york, going to boston, going to rhode island, you're really in bad luck at that point. we can tell you that total at this point, arrivals and departures as far as cancellations go from reagan, the total right now is about 140. that number has gone up a bit since we last spoke.
3:41 pm
this line, there was one, earlier, and we spoke to a bunch of people who they were actually on their flight, they were seated. they had their seat belts on and that is when the message came on that they're flight had been canceled, so we spoke to a lot of people earlier today, and which they were trying to figure out what are they going to for the next three days because that's what a lot of the airline workers were telling them, is that, look, you won't be able to get to your destination at least until sunday, perhaps not even sunday, monday. the lines here, not too bad, perhaps, at this point. people are getting the message, your flight is canceled. we're not seeing very long lines here. neither there, at the gates or here at the counter because it is probably trickling down and that's a smart thing to do. if you know you have a flight, know you're going to the northeast, the advice we have been hearing here is call ahead, find out what the status of your flight is. big picture here as far as air travel goes, you talk about
3:42 pm
airports in the northeast, a lot of airlines are already starting from noon eastern time. they ceased operations, brooke. so they just simply stopped operating there and we expect to see that continue as the afternoon goes on. brooke? >> all right, renee marsh for us in washington. thank you, renee. coming up after the break, we wanted to lift the veil for you and take you inside the weather cube where we have our weather producers and chad myers working feverishly to try to get you the best, most up to date information on the blizzard. we're going to take you inside the cube next. [ indistinct conversations ]
3:43 pm
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3:45 pm
on big breaking stories like this, we wanted to lift the veil. we want to show you this is the nerve center, this is the cube. chad myers, shawn, one of our great weather producers over here, trying to look at the latest models, make sure we get you the boast and moest and mose information. we'll be covering the storm into the wee hours.
3:46 pm
i'll be here from midnight to 5:00 in the morning. you'll be with me for half of that time. we can give you the best information. quickly, where does this stand? >> we talked about how -- when is the worst part? this is 6:00. we're still pretty far away from the coast here. let me move you up to 10:00. this is the fire hose i talked about. this is when boston gets the most snow between 10:00 and midnight and they could get two to three inches per hour. that's why they want everybody off those roads. you can't get stick on that roadway, otherwise you can't get out. the national guard has to come get you. we can't have that with a thousand people on roads. >> we have the mayor on the phone. busy day for you. a couple of questions for you. that first one being do you -- you're catching a break a little bit with the storm, being that it is hitting in the weekend. but what is your biggest concern here? >> safety of the people of the city of boston. best thing we all can do today is tomorrow is stay home and keep them off the roadways. that's the basic part of this.
3:47 pm
stay safe and let our public works crews do their jobs. we have a snow emergency, public works has over 600 pieces of equipment on the streets. we have 34,000 tons of salt available to use. so we're out there -- our crews are out there, public works, we have 24-hour service up there. people call in with questions about the storm, if they have any questions. we can answer those questions for you. just -- we're out there, we need the public's cooperation and so far i see that the roadways are really bare of cars and since earlier this morning. so i think they're cooperating. we have to get through it. >> let's talk about the cars. the governor of your state, duvall patrick, saying you have to be off the road in ten minutes. if not, he's going to slap a hefty fine or possibly as one of our reporters was saying, send you to prison up to a year. that's how serious the state of massachusetts is taking this.
3:48 pm
for you and the city of boston, you mentioned the snow emergency. i want you to reiterate your point about having a parked car on the street. >> parked car on the street, at this time the main arteries are the signs there. since we put that into effect at noon time, 25 cars have been towed. that's amazing number really when you think about it in a city as large as boston. people are cooperating. let the public works crews do their job. they have the equipment. brought extra equipment in. brought extra tree equipment in also, downed tree lines in the city. so just say to you, you know, boston is -- we have a good plan. now it is in execution stage. >> mr. mayor, chad myers here. yesterday in the news conference you said 3:30, buses, rail, subways, boats, done in boston. is that still holding up? is everything done right now?
3:49 pm
>> it held up and like city government, home at noon time because we wanted them to get home. the hospitals rearranged their schedules also. many of the insurance companies or banks also rearranged their schedules so people can get home early and get on mba if they had to use mass transit. we're encouraged them to do it this morning. a lot of them have. >> best of luck to you in riding out the storm with everyone else in new england area. thank you so much, sir. as we mentioned, massachusetts saying you can't be on the roads past 4:00 today. we have gotten word from the governor of connecticut, dannel malloy, saying same situation, travel ban after 4:00 p.m. today, which is in about ten minutes from now. coming up, we'll take you to staten island. these folks already so hard hit by superstorm sandy. now, here we go again, back after this.
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
all right. we're back inside the weather cube, the nerve center of our weather coverage in the next, what, sort of hours as we cover this blizzard that is encroaching upon new england. chad myers, hop back in with me. we want to go to mary snow who was talking to people in new england pummeled by superstorm sandy in october and here we go again. >> they really got pummeled with
3:53 pm
a category 2 storm surge. it was a much bigger wave that came in here for staten island. and we talked about, there could be some surge with this one but not truly for staten island. >> okay. let's go to mary snow in staten island. mary, how prepared are these people? >> reporter: you know, brooke, as one man put it, i am just numb. people are in disbelief that yet another major storm is at their doorstep and just take a look behind me. this was so badly damaged, not many people are living here full time but they do come every day, work on their homes and to give you a sense of how people are living, volunteers provide meals every day. it's run by a woman named donna and she is saying, you know, people are just so worried about how much of a setback this storm
3:54 pm
will be. >> from what i'm seeing, they are still shocked, now another storm is possible, water surge, the snow, their houses are completely just down to the shell pretty much now. we know the wood is going to start getting wet all over again. >> reporter: high winds, too. we're concerned that that tent will be shutting down in a couple of hour. the forecast now for staten island, it's certainly people are hoping that that forecast won't change and get any worse. brooke? >> mary snow, we are right there with you hoping. and just to reiterate your point, hopefully staten island won't get too much? >> right. they are getting rain right now, and that's a great thing. the blue tarps, the places without windows. so you don't need anything. any bit of rain or wind damaging
3:55 pm
what they've already tried to put back together. that's what they are worried about. this is a miss for staten island. they are not going to get 10, 12 inches. the winds blow 20, 30, 40 miles an hour, the tents are going to go like this, the blue tarps are going to start blowing around. they don't need it. >> no, they don't. chad myers, thank you very much. we'll have much more. also, breaking news on jesse jackson jr. that's next. oh this is lame,
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
a couple other stories of the day. defense secretary leon panetta is saying good-bye. president obama will speak at an armed forces farewell tribute today. saying that he did not receive any threats on benghazi before the attack, no undue delays before the attack happened, and the removal of all government personnel within 12 hours helped saves lives. jesse jackson jr. has cut a deal with federal prosecutors. jackson was under investigation for allegedly misusing campaign funds. he took a long medical leave from office last year for mental health reasons. his attorneys have not returned cnn's phone calls. private e-mails and photographs belonging to two american presidents, hacked and published online for all the world to see. the secret service right now is investigating the hacking and publication of this
3:59 pm
correspondence. the accounts held private e-mails of the bush family, including former presidents george hrk w. bush and george w. bush. an asteroid is set to fly remarkably close to earth in 17 days. nasa says there's no chance it might be on a collision course. the asteroid is just about half the size of a football field. it will be closest to earth on february 15th and even then, let me define close for you. 17,000 miles away. you can't see the asteroid with a naked eye but a small telescope might actually do the trick. and the pakistani teenager who was shot by the taliban for promoting school for girls has been released from the hospital. malala was wounded in her back and head in october. she was moved to a british hospital where she underwent multiple operations to are restore her skull and

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